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TPR Dog Bone Cotton Cloth Strips Molar Teeth Relief Toys Pets

TPR Dog Bone Cotton Cloth Strips Molar Teeth Relief Toys Pets

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Product information:

Product information.
Name: Dog face bone cloth strip
Style: customizable processing
Material]: TPR+cotton
Color: pink blue
Size/gram weight: 21*8.5*3.5cm/net weight about 39g
Features: environmentally friendly, soft, bite-resistant and comfortable
Purpose: Molar and clean teeth, interactively relieve boredom, etc.
PS: Please understand that there is a slight error in manual measurement!


When a dog feels restrained, annoyed, lonely, or stressed, the way to release the pressure usually shows some destructive behavior.
Toys can help dogs reduce stress and reduce the possibility of destructive behaviors.
Without toys, the dog may bite anything that can be touched, shoes, books, even beds and chairs.
Choosing a toy of the right size can help your dog consume some energy and play a role in decompression.
Many dogs grow up but still retain the habit of chasing their tails. They seem to enjoy this fun action.
A dog chasing his tail to play is also a sign that he is bored and looking for ways to entertain himself. If the dog’s behavior bothers you, you can try to give it many interesting toys to play with and
Some safe things let it bite. With these choices, I believe it will not be boring to chase its own tail. Playing with toys can help the dog to relieve its boredom.

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Pet chew-resistant toy*1

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