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Pet Molar Bite Resistant Cotton Rope Dog Toy

Pet Molar Bite Resistant Cotton Rope Dog Toy

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Product information:

Product Category: Sounding Toys
Material: plastic
Specification :
Style 1: Molar with ball cotton rope,material: cotton rope
Style 2: Molar cotton rope radish,material: cotton rope
Style 3: Molar cotton rope slippers,material: cotton rope
Style 4: Sounding cotton slippers,   material: plush

Style 6: Molar cotton dumbbells,material: cotton rope
Style 7: Twisted Bell Twist Ball,material:  plastic

Style 8: Training tennis, material: rubber, flannel, kaolin

Style 9: Molar Bell Nipple,material: rubber
Style 10: Sounding plush bones, material: tpr

Style 11: Molar and clean teeth biscuit bones, material: tpr

Style 12: Molar corn on the cob,material: cotton rope
Style 13: Training tug-of-war figure eight,material: cotton rope
Style 14: Training Frisbee,material: plastic
Style 15: Molar candy cotton rope,material: cotton rope
Style 16: Molar rubber dumbbells,material: rubber
Style 17: Teeth cleaning cotton rope,material: cotton rope
Style 18: Footprint thorn ball pink,material: rubber
Style 19: Footprint thorn ball blue,material: rubber
Style 20: Footprint stabbed ball yellow,material: rubber
Style 21: chew bone pink,material: rubber
Style 22: chew bone blue,material: rubber
Style 23: chew bone yellow,material: rubber
Style 24: Footprint circle pink,material: tpr
Style 25: Footprint circle blue,material: tpr
Style 26: Footprint circle yellow,material: tpr
Style 27: Neptune pink,material: tpr
Style 28: Neptune Blue,material: tpr
Style 29: Neptune yellow,material: tpr
Style 30: Hemp penalty pink,material: tpr
Style 31: Flashing twist ball,material: tpr
Style 32: Random color of the tying rope cylinder,material: tpr
Style 33: The color of the five-pointed star inside the rope is random,material: tpr
Style 34: Screaming screaming chicken, material: rubber

Style 35: Original sounding bones, material: rubber

Style 36: Sounding and luminous football, material: rubber

Style 37: Sounding Rugby, material: rubber

Style 38: Basketball, material: rubber

Style 39: Flocking mouse, material: flocking

Packing list :

Sounding Toys*1

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